Thoughts on the run

Dear Kingdom Come soldiers, fans and friends!

The Kingdom Come ship has reached its final destination, at least during my visit on our planet earth.

My decision is mainly caused by experiences I made throughout the last 3 years, during which the fun factor disappeared more and more, and our energy and hopes have repeatedly been crushed by people and circumstances beyond our control. Some folks out there may not believe it, but itís NOT all about money. I realized that chasing something which seems is not meant to be, trying to force things, would never lead to something good. Therefore itís time to let go.

Allow me to give you a brief insight into my modest self.

Iím happy about every camera NOT pointing at me. Iím happy about every email or Facefuck message Iím NOT receiving. Iím a rather private dude, who enjoys cruising through life without much noise, among true friends. Public recognition means nothing to me. Itís a sweet momentary kick, which helped me persuade the girls in my former wild days, but in the end it means nothing, and did not get me to a higher spiritual level. So I decided I'd rather sit on my boat and watch the birds shit on my head, NOT trying to figure out the sense of live.
For reference revisit my song ďInhaling the SilenceĒ. Only took me 50 years to figure that out. ;-)

It was a nice and overdue experience to share the stage with my old time Kingdom Come fellows, Johnny B Frank and Danny Stag one more time, which we finally came around to on our Florida cruise 2016. I never thought I would enjoy being locked up with so many people on a boat, but it was a great experience and a good way to organize my mind. Thatís what the ocean can do for you! ;-)

Itís been a fantastic 30 year long musical ride, for which I can only be VERY grateful. Having gone through good and bad times, in the end it was an exceptional way to explore our planet, having met countless wonderful people around the globe and building up memories that can not be taken away from me, or you.

Iím not saying that I will never write a song again, or never again enter a stage, but the chapter called ďKingdom ComeĒ is now closed. One day I may revisit the music scene with a new band called "Iron Banana", but until then, it is what it is.

I hope the Kingdom Come songs have given many of you energy, joy and strength, as they did for me. The Kingdom Come songs will live on, long after we all have turned to dust, and will hopefully do the same for many generations to come, unless of course, we have blown up our planet before then.

Not every decision I made was of glamorous choice, but hey, Iím only human. Before ending this note, I would like to express my personal gratitude to the following people who have held up the Kingdom Come flag in good, or bad times.

Marko Wolf, Felix Lethmate, Dirk Rhode, Ulf Zick, Derek Shulman, Olly Hahn, Jim Lewis, Rebecca Taylor, Dave Takas, Kate Deem, Bob Rock, Michael Miller, Matthias, Thorsten & Marc from ďJust MusicĒ Hamburg, Stan Diamond, Jens Reinhold, Carsten Wodniczak, Frank Trzaskowski, Alex Kovolev, Angelo Schiliro, Ingrid Kaplja Kreuzer, Martina Pokorny, Lotti, Olliver Sittl, Sepp Danner, Tommy Demetrov, Elke Friess.

And last, but not least, all the talented musicians who have contributed their fantastic playing skills to all the Kingdom Come records. Detailed info about who played what & where, can be found on our old website.

Should I have forgotten somebody, sorry, Iíll buy you dinner.

Marty Wolff, I miss you and I thank you!

To end it with Dannyís words: ďThe end, the beginning ÖÖÖĒ

Ahoy, and the very best to you all !


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