Twilight Cruiser

[ 1. Always On The Run ] [ 2. Law Of Emotions ] [ 3. Twilight Cruiser ] [ 4. Janine ]
[ 5. Hope Is On Fire ] [ 6. Thank You All ] [ 7. Rather Be On My Own ]
[ 8. Can`t Put Out And Not Take Back ] [ 9. Cold Ground ] [ 10. I Don`t Care ]
[ 11. Gonna Change ] [ 12. Should Have Known ]
1. Always On The Run
The time has come I have to leave again
I will be back but I just don't know when
My heart is aching every time I leave
I can't explain the force inside of me

I'm trying hard to keep my tears inside
The years have taught me how to ease my mind
I travel high above the clouds.
The sun comes out just as I'm looking out

What have I become
Always on the run
Where do I belong
Always on the run

It's good to know that someone cares
When I'll arrive my friends will all be there
I've done it many times before
Don't know if I can take it anymore  
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2. Law Of Emotions
Every time I see your pretty face
I keep thinking, am I just your slave
Holding on, holding on, that is all I can do

Every time we get into a fight.
You start crying and run out like a child
Holding on, holding on, that is all I can do

When you return, I will know you have learnt
It's the law of emotions

Holding you in silence, I will never let go
Don't care what it looks like, just because I said so

You will grow, you'll learn to sacrifice.
It ain't easy, I've been there many times
Holding on, holding on, that is all I can do
When you return, I will know you have learnt
Cannot escape, cause it's simply your fate
It's the law of emotions  
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3. Twilight Cruiser
I can hear the silence, in the dark
Closing in the distance, to my heart.

Now and than a quick glance, at the stars,
Coming of a deep trance, peace at large

Like a soothing shelter over me
I have come to love her mystery

Making me surrender, letting go
Guiding me so tender, very slow

When the night is falling
I hear voices calling
Like an aimless shooter
I'm a Twilight Cruiser  
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4. Janine
I strayed all over town
Memories all around
Long time since I have seen
My good old friend Janine

Always on my mind
Wondering if she's fine
I called her on the phone
I wish I would have known


It happened all so fast
We both had such a blast
I thought it was a dream
The wildest one I've seen

Her body full of life
Got me mesmerized
It shook me very hard
For the money she had asked

Can't believe what's going on
Look around what you've become, Janine!
Watch your back and be alert
Cash is ruling our world, Janine

She's putting on a mask
Is loving you for cash!
I told her, please watch out
She started laughing loud  
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5. Hope Is On Fire
Another bloody day 's in sight
What a thrill we're still alive
TV's shouting on and on!
War is raging, peace is gone

Hope is on fire
No more desire

Sorry if I don't suit your style
I just woke up it took a while
Pardon me I'm running late
I'm busy trying to escape

Hope is on fire
Damage done in definite
No more desire
Time out for dreamer
Mother earth just won't forgive
Too late for healer  
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6. Thank You All
Here I am once again
Need a true helping hand
Yes I do, yes I do

I ain't wise, I ain't cool
Lot of times, been a fool
Yes I know, yes I know, sure I know

I'll be back , with full attack
And waving flags, standing tall

Thank you God, for my friends
For a fair second chance
Thank you all, thank you all

I'm so glad you're around
Always there, when I'm down
Knowing you, got me through
Catch my fall, catch my fall

I'll be back , with full attack
And waving flags, standing tall
Thank you all
Never crawl
Stand up tall  
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7. Rather Be On My Own
We telling lies
Making us cry
I have tried to find out why

We've got to win
We can't give in
I'm about to lose my mind

I wish I knew, just what to do
But until than,
I much rather be on my own
How long I don't know
Letting time go by

Things we have said
We do regret
We should all be thinking twice

Before we talk
Before we walk
Into someone else's life

Carry our sound, gentle as clouds
But until than
I much rather be on my own
How long I don't know
Letting time go by

Heaven's starting to fade
Soon it may be too late
Can we change in time ?  
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8. Can`t Put Out And Not Take Back
Never thought I'd miss her, it's hurting so much
Never thought I need her, rejected her touch

My heart has caught on fire, I'm losing my mind
I never was a lier, just foolish and blind

It took a lot of hurting, to understand
I gotta stop pretending, never again

Really wanna talk to you
Gonna let my heart be true
Remembering what you have said:
Can't put out and not take back

Aching for the good times, freedom I choose
Fighting all my feelings, thought I won't lose

Can I be forgiven, the pain is too great
I'm begging you to listen, I hope it's not too late  
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9. Cold Ground
I don't know what's going on
I don't know what's right or worng
All my senses turning numb
Don't know what I've become

Blaming fingers everywhere
Pretending they all care
Faking sorrow while you're falling
Cause inside they're scared

Empty minds keep on passing by
Lonely eyes going blind

Cold ground
īs causing sad sounds

Angry people's all I see
What a hopeless misery
Bading in their holy thoughts
Pretending to be free

Broken faith is what we're heading for
Soon we'll face another war

Cold ground
īs causing sad sounds, bad signs
Cold ground
īs causing sad sounds...  
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10. I Don`t Care
I used to follow you
I used to lean on you
You told me what to do
When I was feeling blue

I thought you spoke the truth
But now you've lost me too

I don't care, what you know
Don't you dare, say hello
All alone, got no pain
On my own, feeling sane

I've come to realize
You've got me mesmerized
You almost wrecked my life
But God was on my side  
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11. Gonna Change
I've seen a million girls before
A wanting I just can't ignore
Keep on searching, far too much
Always craving, women's touch

I feel attraction all the time
Keep giving out a million signs
Been deceiving, no regards
Kept misleading, many hearts

Run down, feeling so strange
Hold out, I'm gonna change
Don't cry and you will see
No lies, you're all I need

(Can you hear me ?)

Really want to see you smile
I would hate to watch you cry  
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12. Should Have Known
Sad songs, strange thoughts in my head
Can't laugh, can't cry, going mad
Don't know, which way to go
No one can help, I know

Endless questions, coming on
No direction, what is wrong
Loving, caring, I do
Still I'm feeling so blue

Should have known
I travel in danger zone
Scared to showv
It's not only her, she knows

Hate to see you hurt inside
Help me fight it by my side
Sweet words, won't do no good

Had my fun
Now it's too late to run
I have lied
Knowing it ain't just right