Master Seven

[1. Only Rainbows Know] [ 2. More Restrictions ] [ 3. Gonna lose Her ]
[ 4. Can`t Let Go ] [ 5. Slow Down ] [ 6. Seen Enough ] [ 7. Can`t Let Go ]
[ 8. Gonna Try ] [ 9. Can`t Fake Affection ] [ 10. Bad I am ]
[ 11. High On Love ] [ 12. Get Up My Friend ] [ 13. Roses ]
1. Only Rainbows Know
Iīve seen a lot of cultures
Have enjoyed their touch
But as weīre growing closer
It ainīt working much

This ainīt a black or white song
Just a thought I had
If you believe that Iīm wrong
Give me hope instead

History has shown
We just keep colliding
Only rainbows know
Where the future īs hiding  
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2. More Restrictions
They taught me how to give in to suit them right
While trying to control me, from deep inside

Itīs no surprise they donīt like my type of style
Their fear of law and order, keeps them uptight

More restrictions, more convictions
No illusion, more confusion

Donīt let whispering liars pollute your mind
While they keep on trying to change your mind

Watch their voices crawling right up your spine  
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3. Gonna lose Her
Invitation to a false solution
Too much sadness, turned to madness
No illusion

White temptation, in a lonely nation
Youīve been reaching out, now youīve lost your ground
Poor sensation

Gonna loose her
Canīt control her
Ainīt no healer
(Iīve tried to help her out)

Words of wisdom
Never made you listen
You knew wrong from right
Still you had to try
Sad decision  
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4. Can`t Let Go
Young at heart youīre all confused, I know
Thatīs the reason why youīve let me go
Canīt forget you, even though I tried
Cannot stop the love I feel inside

Time alone to find out where to go
That is what you needed, now I know
Back then I just never understood
Why you needed time, when things were good

I just canīt let go, īcause I need you so
Yes, I do believe in you and I
I do, yes I do, ohh itīs true
I love you

You sent letters which put at ease
Lovely notes, which helped me out to breathe
Time is gonna show where you belong
I just hope, it doesnīt take too long

I was never hurt like this before
All alone and constantly at war
Peaceful pain is crawling up and down
Scared if you would ever let me drown

I just canīt let go, īcause I need you so
Yes, I do believe in you and I
Never felt so right, from deep down inside
Do I have to burn, for our love to return

Itīs you that I need, only you
I love you

I need you to get back, baby
I need you to come back, baby

I just canīt let go... ...I love you  
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5. Slow Down
Hasting around, all over town
Living in a rich manīs world
And still you feeling down

Iīm feeling fine
Ainīt got no time
Words youīre saying on and on
Inside you going blind

Slow down

Look like a clown
Who īs going down
You should take some time my friend
And start to look around

Canīt get enough
Loosing your touch
Havenīt seen the sunset
īCause youīre running far too much

Slow down, slow down  
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6. Seen Enough
Can you see me
Can you feel me
Can you hear me cry

Iīve been bleeding
Iīve been waiting
Help me free my mind

Finding you, is all to do

I have seen enough
Need a soothing touch
Someone I can trust
(Everlasting love)

She is out there
I will find her
And I`ll stop to run

Think she īs close now
īs getting warm now
like the rising sun

Shine on me, help me see

Think Iīm getting close
Never gave up hope
She will come, I know
I need you so... know  
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7. Can`t Let Go (Director`s Cut)
See "can´t let go" track 4  
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8. Gonna Try
Winds of change is blowing strong, head on
Iīve ignored whats going on, too long
I can hear a distant voice, saying leave her
While my heart is crying out, I need her

Ainīt afraid to stand alone
To start over
Itīs just a shame as time goes by
Iīm growing colder

I believe in someone wrong
Is what my friends said
I kept hanging on too long
Now it turned bad

Gonna try -To get away
Gonna cry -Stay away

She has promised on and on
Baby, Iīll change
While Iīm scared of what will come
With the next page

Now Iīm scared of what will come
Itīs tearing me apart

Gonna smile -Another day
Dynamite -Is in my veins

I donīt care whoīs got the blame
Itīs just a sad thing
Cannot wait to feel the pain
When she´s leaving  
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9. Can`t Fake Affection
While youīve given all you can
You were torn between two men
You sent letters full of hope
All afraid to let me go

You have told me on and on
Please be patient, please be strong
All the love I felt inside
Kept me quiet, kept me blind

All my attentions
Changing directions
Canīt fake affection
Whereīs no attraction

I donīt put the blame on you
You have chosen what to do
No way in and no way out
Signs were clear without a doubt

After all what weīve been through
No way back for me and you
Too much damage has been done
What I felt is now all gone  
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10. Bad I am
Iīm a bad boy
Need a new toy
On my next chase
I need a new taste

Gonna cruise the town
Gonna hunt you down

Got bad behaviour
And donīt do favours

Now you know just how bad I am
Gonna take as much as I can
Iīm a hopeless, dangerous man

Pleasure cruising
Is all I`m doing
Got no trouble in mind
At least not most of the time

But when Iīm striking
Fear is rising

Oh yeah, bad news are coming your way...

Youīre damned right, saying how bad I am
You canīt kill the wolf in a man
You can try as hardest as you can

Yes, I know just how bad I am...  
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11. High On Love
Canīt believe how much I love you
I just hope that you love me to
I do, I do, I do

When youīre gone itīs so hard to breathe
Canīt deny that itīs you I need
Itīs true, I do, itīs true

Gonna get high on love
Gonna get high on all your love
As long as youīre mine, I know
No one can break me down, it shows

Love your smile and the way you talk
Love your eyes and the way you walk
I do, I do

Iīll surrender, Iīll give up
Need your kisses and soothing touch
I do, I do, yeah, I do  
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12. Get Up My Friend
Sure, I know
How it feels and why youīre hurting so
It shows
All I know is that youīll be just fine

Iīll be there for you, my friend
Take my helping hand
I will never let you drown
While youīre feeling down

No more cry

Get up my friend
Itīs over
Donīt set yourself on fire

Donīt you hide
Scream it out and free your tortured mind
Take time
That is how - youīre gonna grow inside
Donīt look down

Itīs hard to get by
Donīt lose it
Youīll rise and shine
I know it  
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13. Roses
Thinking what to do
Iīm crazy over you
Telling you the thruth
I never let you down

Iīm gonna get you a thousand roses
Let me take you home tonight
No one ever will be as close as - like me
Youīre gonna love my gentle kisses

Canīt believe your touch
Is giving me so much
Think Iīve said enough
Let me be your star