Burns Like A Star

[ 1. Break Down The Walls ] [ 2. I Hate To Sleep Alone ] [ 3. Life Is Too Lonely ]
[ 4. Don`t Tell Me Why ] [ 5. Mamaīs Love ] [ 6. Burns Like A Star ] [ 7. Tease ]
[ 8. Hold It ] [ 9. Shannon You Lose ]
1. Break Down The Walls

They donīt look on my face
They tell me everytime
That Iīm too young for life
But I need a taste
And I cannot wait
Until say itīs right
Iīm gonna leave tonight

And then I wonīt let go
The streets will show
I will run the lights
Let them try to tell me no no no

They gonna knock on you
You know itīs true

You and me know
I say we can break down the wall
You and me
I say we can break down the wall

I will not play this game
I cannot sympathize with their dollar eyes
īCause theyīre all the same
And I cannot wait
Iīm gonna leave tonight
Tell me, it ain´t right  

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2. I Hate To Sleep Alone
You and me, we donīt wanna know
What real love is like
We know what we want to do
And what feels right
We hate to sleep alone

You came to me when you were alone
Just the other night
Your lover had left you after
A quarrel and fight You hate to sleep alone
Go, all night, go on

Weīre children of the night
And we know what itīs like to run away
Squeeze me tight, squeeze me tight
Go on, all night, go on  
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3. Life Is Too Lonely
Well I saw the way you looked at me
And knew what you would say
When you said goodbye
I promised that Iīd try
To love you, til the day that I die
Only time will tell
Whether I mean well
But babe, I do the best that I can
And the time seems long
My fear is strong
You wanna run and let me go

Life is too lonely without you
Love is the only way out for you

Oh, don´t forget, that when we met
Time was on our side
Well, nothing´s changed, the love remains
You better stick to what you know
You´re so far away, far away
You gotta know that I love you
You´re so far away, far away
You gotta know that I love you

Now I see your eyes, I´m by your side
Your love burns bright for me tonight
I cannot forget, it´s not over yet
Even though you wanna let go  
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4. Don`t Tell Me Why
Keep me waiting again
I wanna feel your touch
Donīt make me feel like a fool
You know itīs much too much
You did it one time before
You know that itīs true, thatīs enough
Why do you fight, when it seems so right
Donīt waste the night
Get out...

Donīt tell me why
Tell the other guy
Donīt even say goodbye

Youīre trying to get enough
Your white is turninī black
Youīve lost the feelinī of love
You better get it back
If you come thatīs okay
But donīt touch, donīt touch
Donīt start me rollin

Now I know who you are, little star
I know who you are
Get out, thereīs nothing for us to say

Oh yeah
Got me rollin...  
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5. Mamaīs Love
She looks for the way
Sheīs never sorry
If you ever fall down
Oh, sheīll get you off the ground

You know, she knows, when love shows
Her touch, mamaīs love,
And thatīs enough

Sheīs never felt like someone
Someone, someone you know
Remember when she loves you
She the one who tells you thatīs okay 
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6. Burns Like A Star
Donīt go away
I want to just to try to show you
This feelingīs like a trance
You move and I taste you

The way you show your secrets
Makes me wild, lust is last
Iīm in trouble
Iīm, afraid weīll just burn

Easy to feel
Iīll take the chance
Youīll just blow me away
Easy to trust, it doesnīt matter
There is no escape
Why do you wait
I tell you itīs my soul you took
It grows hot
Let us going round an round

You know, I know
Weīre living much too dangerously

Give me a touch
Just give me a taste
Thereīs nothing like this
In the whole human race
I need you now
Weīve gone much to far
This time we have
It burns like a star...  
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7. Tease
You, you make me crazy and I donīt know why
You keep me round just for another night
You always keep me waiting
You push me to a frenzy
Girl, Iīm gonna go away
I wonīt come back some other day

Your special touch gives me so much
Why do you fight, when it seems so right
You oughta know, youīve gotta take a chance
Why canīt you see
Someday you will know

Still I wanna tell you, you just donīt even have clue
There never was another way
Youīre missing what you had today
Youīre living in another world

Look you better face the news
Canīt you see, you gonna lose

You keep thinking, that youīre the only one
Iīll tell you something to your face
Iīll be gone without a trace
Youīre living in another world
Thinking youīre the only girl
Girl, youīre just too hard to please
Youīre nothing but another tease  
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8. Hold It
I know the way you lived before
Hold it
There is no reason to even the score
Hold it
Youīre digginī your own grave
I see it in your face
No matter what you do
Itīs gonna finish you

Iīll never cry for you
And itīs a nasty life you choose

Iīm gonna say no more...to your lies
Hold it
To live or die, you decide
Hold it
Donīt bet with your last dime
Iīll always be on your side
No matter what you do
There ainīt a spell on you  
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9. Shannon You Lose
Changed my life, that is what sheīs done
After her all the come is gone
She wears al look that snows you
Sheīll remember you

And I know even though I wait
Sheīs the type whose body takes
She wears a look that snow you
Sheīll remember you

Stole my heart, but I gave it, too
Lost control, feel just like a fool
She can look right through you
Itīll can get to you

Canīt move a finger while just walking away
Iīm having trouble with the time of day
She can really blind you
Itīll get to you

But I yield to fire inside
Itīs too late for me to hide
Your love for you canīt be denied

Iīll never tell you

Shannon you lose
Shannon you lose
Donīt want to hurt that much
Donīt want to give it up

I wanna be there with you all the time
Shannon you lose...